Breakaway, Amazon’s free to play team arena brawler has basically been canceled. I find this news interesting though unsurprising. The game had a great premise behind it and was a bit of fun initially. A unique kind of Battlerite meets Rocket League sort of thing. However, it was a bit too buggy and a rather dull game in the end.

The Way it is

Neglecting to incorporate more servers for those outside of the United States probably didn’t help them secure global interest. This is the primary reason that I had to stop testing during the alpha and beta sessions. Fighting against the AI, I had no complications. It was when I was ready to face real opponents that the issues revealed themselves. My avatar was a jittery, blinking mess unable to score or defend. Makes it very hard to be competitive in a competitive game.

Breakaway’s graphics weren’t too bad for an early development title. The characters, abilities, and gadgets used in the game were also pretty neat. Just not enough to garner any kind of consistent player base. The news doesn’t bode well for Amazon Game Studios which hasn’t launched a viable product in years.

Check out the official gameplay trailer:

I personally was never looking forward to, Breakaway. Amazon’s other two titles, the sandbox MMORPG New World and the third-person Hunger Games styled title Crucible, were both more my speed. Unfortunately, there has been no news as of yet on these anticipated projects.

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