According to Riot’s recent announcement, the next champion to grace the Summoner’s Rift will be both “playful” and “bubbly”. One would expect a sort of Lulu 2.0. Is the Rift really big enough for a double-whammy of whimsical proportions?

burst mage

The New “Bubbly” Burst Mage

The news comes as no surprise when considering the last few champions (Xayah, Kayn, Ornn) have all had serious, edgy demeanors. The expectation of the new champion is that it will be a burst mage. This is good news for those who have been anticipating the next mage following Taliyah’s release back in season six.

Riot claims that their newest champion will have a kit full of unique abilities not seen elsewhere in the game. Not so thrilled about the mention of a necessity for “sparkles” but the ability to approach fights from multiple angles did catch my interest.

Sadly, little more was reported from Riot’s end on the possible release date for the aforementioned champ. No visuals, voiceovers, nor theme aside from a few butterfly filled bubbles were brought up either. So expect something a bit lighthearted in the vain of Lulu or Lux.

Chances are that since the season is coming to a close, we’ll more than likely get a glimpse this preseason. Here’s to praying that it’s not yet another Yordle.

Those not looking forward to the new champ may instead be more thrilled about the planned Swain rework. For more information, you can check out the Champion Roadmap provided by Riot.

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