The Punisher season one trailer is nothing short of spectacular. The brutal murder scene of Frank Castle’s wife is jaw-dropping. In the Marvel cinematic universe, something so graphic is rarely seen. It’s uncertain yet if this actually occurs or if it’s simply the madness that Frank lives with inside himself.

Shown in a few sequences on a carousel in Central Park are Castle and his family. Central Park is a very significant location in the comics. After witnessing a mafia-style execution in Central Park, Castle and his family are then murdered on the spot. However, Castle clearly survives the attack and pursues vengeance on the Costa crime family. How much of this will hold true for the series is still unknown.  The trailer seems to point toward CIA and military involvement this time around.

The Punisher

Sociopath or Just Really Pissed Off?

It’s difficult to fathom the emotional turmoil one feels in Frank’s situation without sharing in the experience. Castle loses his entire family right before his eyes. What would any of us have done differently? The message is very clear and sets the tone for what is to come throughout the season. This trailer both tugs at the heartstrings, drives you mad with grief, and blows your mind all within a two-minute time frame.

The entire trailer is held together nicely to the tune of Metallica’s “One”. Each drumbeat links up with the gunfire almost perfectly, which only heightens the intensity of the experience. My heart thumped to the beat the entire time.

The song was not only a great choice but it embodies the main character very well. The lyrics speak of a Vietnam war veteran who has lost his limbs, feels trapped, and waits for death. He has no more purpose in the world when everything has been stripped away. This is essentially how Frank Castle feels after losing everything he loved. No family, no purpose, only pain. Wanting nothing more than to be reunited with them, he must first punish those who are responsible.

The Punisher

The Punisher We Deserve

Easily the most anticipated series that the Netflix MCU has yet to offer. Jon Bernthal is the Frank Castle that we’ve all been waiting for. He is methodical, unrelenting, unhinged, and deadly. Jon’s portrayal of The Punisher is as close as we’ve ever been to the comic book version. No one can really argue that Hugh Jackman was born to play the Wolverine. An undeniably perfect fit. Just the same, Bernthal was meant to be The Punisher.

Bernthal, who most will recognize as Shane from The Walking Dead, has quite a repertoire of on-screen performances. He recently appeared in the movie Shot Caller, alongside Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones). Bernthal, plays “Shotgun”, the hard-nosed, former inmate who happens to be the antagonist to Waldau’s character, “Money”.

Jon, has also starred in the lesser known mini-series, Mob City. A six-episode tv drama depicting mob-era Los Angeles in 1947. Wherein Bernthal plays a cop who walks the line between the LAPD and the mob led by Bugsy Siegel. Both get a ringing endorsement from, Yours Truly.


Closing Verdict

From beginning to end this trailer is a masterpiece. Anyone on the fence about this series will have to check out the trailer. Season one of The Punisher gives no discerning release date but rumors have it making its debut sometime in November 2017.


The first season of Netflix’ Punisher series will air on November 17! This is amazing news and is brought to you through the release of the second promotional trailer below.

I’m harder than a Donald Trump spelling bee right now. I cannot wait to see Bernthal in action this November and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

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