A massive gamechanger could be underway if Google plans to move forward with their new gaming console, codenamed, Yeti.

In a market currently dominated by Sony and Microsoft (sorry Nintendo), adding the king of the internet into the mix could really shake things up.


What To Look Forward To

The plan is to start with a newly developed game-streaming service with the possibility of moving on to the physical console. Yeti will also use faster internet in order to carry the service beginning in 2018. Google’s gaming service will be similar to that of PlayStation Now; it will use the Netflix concept of streaming titles exclusively online alongside a subscription.

Reportedly, former Playstation and Xbox executive Phil Harrison will be leading the charge on this venture, tweeting out, “Excited to be able to share that today I’ve started a new role as Vice President and GM of Google – and relocation (back) to California.”

Originally due to launch in 2017, according to The Information, though it wound up pushed back for unknown reasons. With this kind of development, Google could host games using cloud services while significantly reducing the need for a powerhouse PC to retrieve the data.


What I Think About the “Yeti” Project

I’m pretty stoked about the possibilities Yeti can bring but Google has tried its luck in the gaming market before. There was the Nexus Q in 2012 and Nexus player in 2014. Both were capable of playing games and even came with optional gamepads. However, these systems were mobile and lacked the power and graphical capabilities that a true gaming console would possess.

Here’s to hoping that Google’s commitment won’t waver and the results are on par or better than the current competition. So long as they prioritize streaming, multiplayer, and maintain an AAA lineup to choose from, then I think it can contend with the big boys. Nowadays, gaming is a service after all.

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